Thinking of Cleaning Your Windows? Here’s 5 Reasons You Should Hire a Professional

It might seem cheaper, easier and less hassle to clean your windows yourself. I’m here to tell you that this is often not the case! Here are five reasons you should save yourself the stress and hire someone else to do it.

It’s not as easy as you think it is. Window cleaning is actually quite a strenuous activity. Aside from all of the physical effort involved, it takes extraordinary attention to detail to actually achieve a favourable finish. Window Cleaners are trained to see glass in a different way to the rest of us. That might sound weird but it’s true! I will admit, I, the writer of this post, am not a window cleaner. But on one occasion, one of Flash’s cleaners decided to try to teach me how it’s done. I couldn’t even do one window and my shoulders were tired!

Windex isn’t very good. Windex is marketed as a streak-free, easy solution to cleaning windows, glass and mirrors in your home. I don’t know about anyone else, maybe it’s because I’m not very good at cleaning windows, but I’ve never achieved the streakless finish pictured on the bottle. As well as that, it’s not good for your body to be in such close proximity to all those fumes. Windex contains ammonium hydroxide, which doesn’t just sound scary, but is actually poisonous. You don’t really want to be breathing that in! Flash uses non-toxic cleaning products that won’t hurt your home and wont poison them!

It can be dangerous. Aside from the risk of straining a muscle when trying to clean your windows, there are a few risks involved. Namely, if you have any windows that you need to use a ladder to access, this can really cause issues. Ladders are heavy and unsafe, as well as unlucky! At Flash we have efficient and affective extension poles and water-fed poles which eliminates the need for any ladders. We also have strict OH&S guidelines and liability to help manage any risks. We can also help to retire your ladder with our StreamVac gutter vacuum, where we can clean your gutters with our feet firmly on the ground!

It’s very time consuming. Do you really have three hours to go around, scrubbing all of your windows? You’re a busy person. You have better things to do. Just think of all of the other things you could do in that time. You could catch up on Game of Thrones. You could walk your dog and take your kids to the park. You could cook a gourmet meal. You could learn a new skill. The possibilities are endless.

Honestly, who can be bothered? Seriously, all that fly screen removing, fly screen replacing, cob web brushing, scrubbing, re-scrubbing… it’s all too much. Who can be bothered? Well, the team at Flash Window Cleaning can.

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Why Clean Your Windows?

As mentioned in this article, cleaning your windows can be boring, strenuous and dangerous. So you might not want to bother at all. However, making sure your windows are clean is more important than you might think. Here’s five reasons why.

Removing allergens. The dust on your windows can collect over time and cause hay fever. Most humans are allergic to house dust, so if you find you’re particularly sneezy or your eyes are particularly itchy, maybe it’s time to get your windows cleaned.

Dirty windows are unsightly. This is harsh but true. Windows just happen to look a lot nicer when they’re clean! Your house guests will be jealous of your shiny clean windows and lovely views into the back yard (you’d be surprised what a difference it makes). You will feel house proud and hygienic.

Natural light is good for you. Following on from your shiny gleaming windows being prettier, you’ll be more likely to open up your curtains to let the natural light in. Also, a build-up of dirt can create a film on your windows that might stifle the amount of light that is coming in. By allowing more light in, you’ll get more vitamin D, which is an essential nutrient that the human body cannot produce on its own. Exposing yourself to more natural light will help your circadian rhythms, or sleeping pattern, which in turn will make you a happier, more productive person!

You’ll save electricity. And once you’ve started opening your curtains more often, you won’t need to switch on the light as much! This will save you money on your energy bill, and help the environment.

Avoiding hard water stains. When you regularly get your windows cleaned, you can help to avoid hard water stains. These are drip-like marks on your windows which do not go away with regular window cleaning alone. This can be very expensive to rectify, and could permanently affect your windows!

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108 Australia!

Melbourne Window Cleaners are tackling the highest skyline in the nation!


The Australia 108 building in Southbank is leading the way in the race to be the highest residential tower in the Southern Hemisphere (319 metres tall). Due to be completed in 2020, this building will be complemented by another seven skyscrapers over 200 metres high that have been approved.

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Flash’s Short History of the World (Window Cleaning!)

Did you know that glass is one of the oldest materials around? Discovered in 7000 BC, but not organised and produced in Egypt until 4000 BC. The mass production of glass then occurred in the late 18th century.

The advent of the mass production of glass meant one thing, we needed innovative ways to clean it.

Hence the traditional rubber squeegee and applicator was born. This tool could meet the demand of glass in home, office/admin buildings and sky scrapers to name a few. The first squeegee was bulky, heavy and required the removal of twelve screws to change the rubber blade. This made window cleaning extremely slow and inefficient.

Enter Ettore Steccone who patented the modern single blade squeegee with a flexible and lightweight brass handle. He patented the invention and dubbed it the ‘New Deal’. This revolutionised the trade from 1936 and his squeegees are still used today. ‘Ettore’ is still a leading provider in squeegee development and wholesale. Coincidently, 1936 was the first time the ‘When I’m Cleaning Windows’ song was played by George Formby in the movie ‘Keep Your Seats, Please’. It was even banned by BBC for being ‘too racy’ at the time!. To have a listen to the song click

Similarly, another man who took the squeegee industry by storm was Henry Unger. In 1964, Unger founded his name brand and began exporting the latest products from the United States to Germany. It was this initial kick start working from his Grandmothers basement that allowed Unger to become an innovative worldwide window cleaning brand. Since then, Unger continues to pride itself on working closely with cleaning professionals to create the best cleaning alternatives.

As buildings continued to get taller and more complex over the 20th century, the demand for safer methods of window cleaning became apparent. With accounts of window cleaners falling to serious injury or even death, safety had to improve.

Enter the Building Maintenance Unit. The BMU was made a key component to cleaning large drops of glass on sky scrapers and other buildings far too high to reach with extension or telescopic poles and safe than previous high rise window cleaning methods. These were produced by one main provider from 1955, E.W Cox who originated here in Australia. To this day the company employs over 350 BMU experts and teams of engineers who continue to improve the safety, accessibility and design of BMUs.

More so, there are continuous new ways to clean windows. A recent invention, the water fed pole allows cleaning with a brush, telescopic pole and purified water. These systems allow the highest quality clean at further heights from the ground where a squeegee and applicator fail. When the telescopic poles become too high, it can be extremely difficult to maintain pressure on the squeegee to perform a consistent clean. The water fed poles put ease into high reach cleaning.

The history of window cleaning is a unique and interesting story. Only upon the mass production of glass did the need for detailed glass cleaning become apparent. Since then, the cleaning tools and methods have evolved to meet the ongoing safety and efficiency demands of the window cleaning industry.

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New Vehicle Joining the Crew!

We are stoked to have a new vehicle join our Melbourne window cleaning team! The Volkswagen Caddy Runner is fully loaded with window cleaning gear to take care of your window cleaning requirements! It’s high fuel efficiency minimises our environmental footprint and carbon emissions (Comb 6.8l/100km).

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